Flood Situation West Bengal: State Irrigation Department warns of floods Meetings are held in stages …

#Kolkata: It is raining continuously across the state. The State Irrigation Department is preparing in advance for the West Bengal Flood Alert. State Bengal Irrigation Minister Soumen Mohapatra held a meeting with MLAs of flood prone areas of Howrah and Hooghly. There were other officials including the chief secretary of the office.

According to Irrigation Department sources, the work is not going to be done in the Lower Damodar Basin due to lack of funds from the Center. Trying to work with World Bank money. All these issues are mainly discussed. Irrigation Minister Soumen Mohapatra said that Howrah and Hughli are flooded every year The Lower Damodar project was taken up. Even the money for the Ghatal master plan did not match. The MLAs of Lower Damodar area have been discussed. The World Bank has been asked to help find a lasting solution.

On the other hand, the Howrah and Hooghly district administrations have been asked to take immediate action for fear of rising water. Flood shelters and rescue centers have been asked to be ready. But a permanent problem is being tried for flood control. Already, a committee headed by river expert Kalyan Rudra has been formed. According to the state administration, they will work to solve the permanent problem

On the other hand, the state wants to complete the work of the dam by the 28th. Especially the condition of river dams in two 24 parganas. Dam repair work is going on in the coastal areas during the war. There are about 160 km of river dams in the coastal areas including the Sundarbans. The administration is worried before the next Kotal on the 26th. As a result, the Irrigation Department has started the work very diligently so that there is no gap anywhere.

According to the State Irrigation Department, the repair work of about 165 km river dam has been completed. The rest of the work will be completed in the next few days. Kotal has already been warned about the next 26th. Besides, DVC is keeping the state in mind. Bihar-Jharkhand If it rains heavily, DVC 6 will release water That will create a flood situation. The Irrigation Minister said, “We are constantly talking to the DVC. The flood control room has been opened in the Irrigation Department. They have been told to negotiate with us to release the water.”

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