Haldia Coast: Haldia-bound ship’s tank leaked fuel oil at sea! Endangered sea hilsa? Fishermen in thought

# Yellow: On the way to Haldia port, a Portuguese container ship named MV Devon sank in the middle of the sea due to a fuel tank leak. The ship has about 11,000 tons of goods in 362 containers. Meanwhile, the fishermen are worried that the oil will be mixed in the sea during the hilsa season. Their concern is that hilsa will be damaged as a result of this huge amount of oil being mixed in the sea water.

According to Haldia port sources, the ship is still about 450 km away from the port. The tank of the ship burst and 10 KL, i.e. 10,000 liters of oil spilled in the Bay of Bengal, causing great danger. Abhay Mohapatra, general manager (traffic) of the port, said the ship was scheduled to enter Haldia Dock on Saturday night. Before that, when the ship reaches the sandhead, reporting has to be done according to the rules. If the ship can stop the oil spill, it will get clearance to enter the port.

Meanwhile, the captain of the endangered ship informed the Coast Guard about the matter. It is learned that there was 120 KL or 120,000 liters of low-sulfur fuel oil in the tank of the ship. 10 thousand liters of it has been mixed in the sea. Fishermen are multiplying the mistake by mixing the oil in the sea during the hilsa season. Because at this time hilsa comes to the estuary of Sundarbans in flocks to lay eggs.

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