Kailash ‘TMC Setting Master’, ‘Go Back’ posters read outside BJP office

#Kolkata: The anger of a section of the state leadership against the central leaders was slowly increasing This time the BJP’s infighting became more public Outside the BJP office, a poster was read mocking Kailash Vijayvargiya as the TMC setting master. At the same time the poster reads ‘Go back.’ Muralidhar Sen Lane headquarters is not just outside the BJP office in Hastings. Posters against the BJP’s central observer in charge of the state were also found on the road adjacent to the Kolkata airport.

The posters that have been read against Kailash include pictures of Mukul Roy with him It is understood that posters have been put up in different parts of the city at the same time as planned

In the BJP, Kailash Vijayvargiya has always been considered a close leader of Mukul Roy. Apart from that Mukul Roy party, this time the leader of Madhya Pradesh is facing the wrath of some of the state leaders. Kailash is even being blamed for the BJP’s poor results in the elections Many state leaders now complain that Kailash Vijayavargiya has been warned many times about Mukul Roy but he has not heeded.

The state BJP leadership is also angry that the central leaders, including Kailash Vijayavargiya, have given more importance to grassroots leaders than to the views of state leaders. In this situation, Kailash did not come to the state after the election results He did not attend a meeting of state leaders with the party’s central leadership on Thursday Kailash is expected to be replaced by a new BJP observer in the state.

After Mukul Roy left the party, the fear of disintegration in the BJP has increased In order to create this situation, the finger of blame has started pointing at Kailash Because Mukul’s power in the BJP increased through his hands, other grassroots leaders have also enrolled in the Padma Shibir. Many of them now want to return to the old team

Anup Chakraborty

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