Kolkata Town Hall: After the reforms costing crores of rupees, it fell apart! Angry city authorities

#Kolkata: After the renovation, the historic town hall collapsed. The Kolkata city authorities are angry over this incident after the reforms costing crores of rupees. Today, Firhad Hakim, chairman of the Calcutta Municipal Administrative Council, will visit the town hall and hold an emergency meeting at 2 p.m.

The renovation work started in 2016 on the advice of Roorkee IIT. Engineers from the state Public Works Department carried out the renovation work. In the first phase, Tk 26 crore and later another Tk 3 crore was spent. When Bikash Bhattacharya was the mayor, the basement hall was built by digging 4 feet from the basement of the town hall. At the suggestion of Roorkee IIT, the old look of the basement was restored to white sand and concrete. Engineers restored the old look to the design by filling a four-foot hole.

Instead of a wooden deck on the second floor, steel sheets, concrete on top of it, and the old look of wood on top of everything are restored. The traditional staircase to the second floor is made of wood. There were cracks in various places including long pillars. Fiber wrapping has been done there after giving steel war and chemicals so that the building remains intact even in earthquakes.

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The construction of the town hall in 1813 was completed at a cost of 6 lakh rupees. This building is made of limestone in the style of Doric architecture. The basement of the main building is on a 5 foot brick arch in the basement. Total area of ​​twelve hundred square meters. The halls are 165 feet long and 75 feet wide.

During the reign of Bikash Bhattacharya, the basement hall was built instead of the basement. The basement hall was inaugurated on April 14, 2012 when Shovon Chatterjee was the mayor. After the renovation work was completed in January, plaster began to fall off in several places. The plaster in front of the town hall has fallen off. An urgent meeting to look into how this disaster is going after a long period of reform.

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