Mamata Banerjee: Bengal is floating in the rain, the first North Bengal visit of the third phase of the government was canceled by the Chief Minister!

#Kolkata: It has been raining continuously across the state for the last few days. Part of Kolkata is submerged due to heavy rains. Depression on him again. Bad weather alert is going on across the state under the pressure of the two. The rising water level of the river is also raising concerns. The Alipore Meteorological Office said that such weather forecast will continue till Saturday. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has postponed her first visit to North Bengal for the time being after the formation of her third government due to bad weather.

Continuous rain throughout Bengal Continuous rain across Bengal

In Siliguri on Thursday, Gautam Deb said CM Mamata Banerjee was not going to visit North Bengal for the time being due to bad weather. Post Poll Violence has been reported in North Bengal. In this situation many people have fled to Assam. In this atmosphere, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar visited North Bengal. Mamata’s visit is expected to be politically significant.

The Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee) was scheduled to visit North Bengal on June 21. This was his first visit to North Bengal after being sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bengal for the third time. So this time the visit to North Bengal was very important. Like in the last Lok Sabha, Ghasful Shibir had to fight hard in North Bengal. Many seats have been lost. Therefore, it is believed that the Chief Minister’s visit to North Bengal is to find out the reason for the condition of the ballot box.

Moreover, in North Bengal, there are often rumors of protests among party workers. Mamata Banerjee’s goal was to alleviate it. Besides, there is nothing new to say about the fact that the party leader’s visit to North Bengal is enough to boost the morale of the local party workers. The Chief Minister was also scheduled to hold a meeting with the administrative officers of five districts in Siliguri during his visit to North Bengal this year. In that case the officers had to leave their place and come to Siliguri. As a result, relief and rescue work for the victims may come to a standstill due to heavy rains, so Gautam Dev has decided to postpone his visit to North Bengal.

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