Memories or dreams in the place of buds? There are two names in the BJP

#Kolkata: Mukul Roy has joined the Trinamool As a result, the post of BJP’s all-India co-president has become vacant Who will the BJP replace Mukul? Because the BJP wants to replace Mukul with someone who is not a Bengali but has at least some connection with Bengal.

After the 2021 assembly elections, the BJP’s top leadership has realized that in order to win the support of the people of Bengal, Bengalis have to go ahead with any face. Shuvendu Adhikari’s name is coming up as an example From the grassroots to the BJP, Shuvendu has taken a hard line on religious polarization. He has also been given important responsibilities as the Leader of the Opposition in the state

The BJP has ten posts of all-India co-president No matter what happens in the workplace, this position is important in terms of respect, and it is in this context that the names of the two people come up. In recent times, only Mukul Roy was appointed to this important post from Bengal Apart from Mukul Dal, two names are now appearing in the BJP’s Andarmahal sources to replace him. One of them is Union Minister Smriti Irani It was first heard that Bhupendra Yadav may be appointed as the assistant observer of Bengal in place of Kailash Vijayavargi. But according to BJP sources, the possibility of Smriti Irani replacing Mukul is strong enough

The reason is that the memory is quite fluent in Iranian Bengali There are Bengali touches in his decoration too Smriti has also come to Bengal and campaigned for the assembly elections He is also quite popular in this state As a result, even though he is not a Bengali, his words are being seriously considered in the post left by Mukul The question is whether Smriti will be brought to this important post despite being a Union Minister

The second name that is being considered in place of Mukul is Swapan Dasgupta Swapan has returned to the post of MP after losing the assembly elections According to observers, the BJP has not yet received a good response from urban Bengalis The polls also show that the Gerua camp has virtually failed to make a dent in the Kolkata and suburban constituencies. They have won only one of the 75 seats in the presidency In this situation, to get the support of urban Bengalis, a highly educated leader like Swapan Dasgupta is being considered for an important post like the All India Co-President, sources said. Swapanbabu himself, however, has claimed in a close circle that he is not aware of any such possibility

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