Metro rail to run more special trains from Monday Staff Special Metro is increasing a lot from Monday, 20 pairs of trains will run – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: As the number of passengers continues to increase, the number of staff special trains has increased A statement issued by Metro Rail on the same day said that a total of 40 trains, including up and down lines, will run from next Monday, June 21. The metro will run 15 minutes apart from 9am to 11am and from 3.45pm to 6pm. This service will be available from Monday to Saturday

Metro Rail 7 has started running this staff special train from last Wednesday The Metro Authority has started running this staff special train mainly for the convenience of its employees and those involved in emergency services. At first, it was decided to run a total of 8 pairs of trains in the morning and afternoon But as the number of passengers continued to increase, the crowd was increasing almost every day So the metro authorities decided to increase the number of trains

Metro said in a statement issued on the day that health services, veterinary, police, courts, banks, correctional facilities, electricity services, drinking water supply, telecom, internet services, fire brigade, sewage, food supply, insurance, crematorium, media personnel and concerned With the service, the United States will be able to take this special metro You will be allowed to enter the station using your smart card However, this metro service will not be available on Sunday However, before the start of the service from Monday, a total of ten pairs, i.e. twenty trains, will run on the up and down lines tomorrow, Saturday morning and afternoon, according to Metro.

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