‘Mother, am I going to die?’ – Three-year-old child in hospital bed, helpless parents seeking help

#Kolkata: ‘Mother, am I going to die? ‘The question is about a three-year-old lying in a hospital bed. The helpless father is running from side to side in the unknown city of Kolkata to raise money. The mother is hugging her son in the hospital bed, giving him various kinds of consolation, and calling on God. The incident took place at Thakur Pukur Cancer Hospital in South Kolkata

Biswajit Khanda from Gosabar Satjelia. His three-year-old child was diagnosed with cancer in his blood and was admitted to Thakurpukur Hospital. As the Kovid protocol continues, his mother, Lakshmi, is inside the hospital with the baby. Baba Biswajit is wandering around every day to raise money for his son’s treatment. Blood supply on one side and chemo on the other. It costs three to four thousand rupees per day. Biswajit is an ordinary worker. One hundred days of work in the village and earning five to six thousand rupees a month. Everything from the land pond to the house in Yas has been submerged. Without raising an eyebrow at them, he came to Calcutta with interest at the rate of five per cent from the usurer.

This time the thought is bigger, since his income is less. The usurers will no longer lend money. The little jeweler has sold them. Where will the money for the boy’s treatment come from? Sitting in a hospital bed, Lakshmi Katar pleads with her son to be kind to help her with her treatment. The three-year-old repeatedly asks his mother, “Mother, will I die?” Hearing this question, why is mother Lakshmi a nurse in the hospital, tears are also coming in the eyes of the doctors. Will the child really die like this?

Cancer is no longer a killer like before, if there is a lot of money now in some cases people survive. But what will happen to this little child? Will Amrit live? Baba Biswajit is asking questions with folded hands.


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