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Kolkata: Nandigram case hearing postponed The next hearing of the Nandigram case will be held on Thursday It is compulsory for the plaintiff to appear in court in election related cases If he does not appear, he has to show proper reasons in court The plaintiff in Nandigram case was not present For this reason, the High Court gave time to the plaintiff The Nandigram case will be heard in the High Court on June 24 The hearing was scheduled for Friday in the court of Justice Kaushik Chand.

Nandigram of Ekushey. The vote is hot. Even after the vote. The water of Nandigram is now in the Calcutta High Court. According to sources, Mamata Banerjee has filed a case in the High Court challenging the Nandigram verdict. Trinamool candidate from Nandigram has filed an election petition in the High Court Cases have been filed under Sections 60, 70A, 61, 100 and 123 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. It has been alleged in the court that Suvendu Adhikari paid bribe. Exerted influence. Has spread hatred among the people. Asked for votes on the basis of religion. Took the help of government officials and occupied the booth.

The role of the returning officer has also been questioned in the case. Allegedly, there were multiple discrepancies and fraud during the May 2 count. So Mamata Banerjee and her party colleagues demanded a recount. However, the Returning Officer dismissed the petition without any reason. By signing the 21C form, Shuvendu declared Adhikari the winner. There were also allegations of fraud in the application form, how many votes were matched and the 18C form related to the counting. Voting took place in Nandigram in complete violation of the constitution and law. According to Section 100 of the Representation of the People Act, there are sufficient reasons to annul the Nandigram Center vote.

If there is a complaint about the result of the vote, the election petition has to be submitted within 45 days The results of the state polls were released on May 2 Within 45 days, an election petition has been filed in the High Court

Even on the day of counting, there is tension in Nandigram. Snake ludo is played regularly. Never go ahead Mamata. Never Shuvendu. In the end, Shuvendu Adhikari was declared the winner. Although the Trinamool demanded a recount, the Returning Officer did not agree. Mamata made an explosive complaint on May 3. He said, I have received an SMS from someone, there would have been a life threat if the written recount order had been given there. See you all. I will not say who sent the SMS.

In addition, Mamata became vocal in one allegation after another. He said, everyone has seen what kind of voting is taking place in Nandigram. Fruit day had 40 minutes of load shedding, server down, EVM switched on, one fruit everywhere, and different fruit in Nandigram. De Cannot stop me …. That EVM should be kept separate, not distorted, forensic test of EVM should be done. The two observers were not neutral. What is this …!

The day after the results were announced, the Trinamool candidate from Nandigram warned to go to court. The same is the case in the High Court. Nandigram BJP MLA Shuvendu Adhikari’s lawyer claims that they do not know anything about this. They were not given the documents related to the election petition

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