Raj Chakraborty: Trinamool disagrees about the return of defectors, what did Barrackpore MLA Raj Chakraborty say?

#Kolkata: One of the most talked about issues surrounding the Ekushey assembly elections was the joining of the BJP camp by the Trinamool in groups with allegations of ‘not working’. From the youngest to the oldest, from MLA to MLA, no one was left out of the list of ministers. Many joined the BJP out of anger against the Trinamool Congress (TMC). The reverse current also flows. However, the tendency to leave the grassroots was noticeable. However, after the formation of the government with the majority of the grassroots in the election, many of the ‘defectors’ are inclined to return to the green camp. The party is divided over whether they should return to the grassroots. According to some of the leaders, workers and members, the members who left the party in the face of the vote should not be taken back. Badhrakpur MLA Raj Chakraborty (raj chakraborty) voted in favor of returning the defectors to the grassroots. He said that according to his personal opinion, those who want to return to the grassroots should return. However, the final decision will be taken by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Raj was sitting at a meeting of the cultural committee at the Trinamool Bhaban on Thursday. He is in charge of the cultural cell of the party. Bratya Basu, Indranil Sen, Sayantika Bandyopadhyay were present at the meeting. Regarding the return of defectors after the meeting, Raj said that according to his personal opinion, they should be returned. Raj said the artists do not have any barricades. However, Raj has made it clear that his decision to bring back the defectors is very personal. Raj said that Mamata Banerjee would take the final decision on the issue.

Incidentally, the Trinamool has practically split into two groups with the return of the ‘defectors’ to the party. While some are in favor of their return, others are again opposed to the decision. After Rajiv Banerjee’s recent meeting with party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh, the rumors about this became louder. Trinamool activists were also seen chanting anti-Rajiv slogans in several places.

Meanwhile, Raj Chakraborty went to work after winning the election. Sewerage system here, has started working on the problem of rent. However, not all work is possible in one day. So Raj says to be patient. He also said that he planned to send a letter to every house to thank the people of Badhrakpur. Raj Chakraborty, the MLA in charge of the Trinamool Cultural Cell and the director of Tollywood, thinks that his phone number will also be in the letter to contact him to inform him about the problem quickly.

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