Suddenly, he was electrocuted and died in the city

#Kolkata: 7 A young man died after being electrocuted in the city This time the incident took place in Haridebpur area 7 of the southern suburbs But this time, not in the frozen water, while riding the bike, he suddenly fell from the electricity pole on the body of the young man. Due to which he died on the spot

The tragic accident took place on 22 Bigha Road in Haridebpur The deceased was identified as Manik Barui, 38 Manik, a resident of Joker Gopalnagar, used to drive a car and work as a gym trainer

The manner in which this accident happened is called unfortunate but it seems to be less said According to the locals, Manik was riding his bike on the road around 10.30 pm on Thursday At that time it was raining in the wind with heavy rain Just before Manik, two more cars went out But as Manik was passing by the electricity pole, an electric wire suddenly broke and fell on the young man’s body. Manik 7 got electrocuted and fell on the road with his bike Upon receiving the news of the accident, the locals rushed to the spot and informed the police The body was recovered by disconnecting the electricity The area falls under the West Bengal Electricity Distribution Corporation

Manik’s house is also home to his wife, young daughter and old father Manik was the only earner of the family Coincidentally, Manik’s mother and sister died in an auto accident just three years ago, the day after his son-in-law. Manik died in an accident the day after his son-in-law Coincidentally, the family of the dead young man was even more shocked by the incident three years apart

Last month, a young Farakka resident was electrocuted near the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata. Who was responsible for the incident? There was tension between the municipality and the CESC for some time. In the case of Haridebpur, locals also complained that the electricity poles in the area were not properly maintained. Maybe the young man has to pay the price for this negligence After the autopsy, the body of the youth will be handed over to his family

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