TMC Party Fund: From now on, Trinamool MLAs will have to pay double ‘contribution’ to the party fund

#Kolkata: The monthly grant to the Trinamool Fund (TMC Party Fund) is going to increase. Who will donate? The answer to this question is still known through sources that the monthly subscription of the ruling party MLAs (TMC MLAs) has been one thousand rupees so far. That contribution is going to double. In other words, from now on, the Trinamool MLAs will have to pay Rs 2,000 to the party fund. Sources claim that the money received by the MLAs every month will be deducted from the party fund and the rest will be credited to the MLAs’ accounts.

Every month, members of the state legislature receive about Tk 72,000 for allowances and other benefits. From there, from next month, the party MLAs (TMC MLAs to give double amount to the party fund) will be deposited for the party fund by two thousand rupees per month, according to Trinamool parliamentary party sources.

In the 2019-20 financial year, the BJP, the ruling party at the Center, has received a grant of Rs 75 crore from individuals, electoral trusts and corporates. At the same time, the opposition party received five times more than the grant received from the Congress! According to the BJP’s latest report submitted to the Election Commission in February, the BJP has received a grant of Tk 75 crore a year. On the other hand, according to the report of the grant from the Congress, they got 139 crore rupees. The Trinamool Congress got Rs 8 crore and the CPI got Rs 1.3 crore. The amount of grant received from CPM is 19.7 crore.

According to statistics, the amount of funds for the Trinamool Congress is much less than other political parties. But in the current situation the team is growing. The importance of the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress in national politics has also increased at the all-India level. In this case, the ruling party is also thinking about the financial aspect of running the party. Therefore, the party has decided to keep the party MLAs in the list first with the idea of ​​increasing the fund, according to Trinamool sources.

Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee has given a clear message to everyone that no one should be involved in immoral activities in any way. Everyone should stay connected with the team while maintaining transparency. He also gave this instruction. In this situation, the ruling party is also accepting the issue of increasing the party’s funds with transparency. Needless to say, since 2001, the Trinamool MLAs have been receiving Rs 1,000 per month from their salaries. Even after the 2008, 2011 and 2016 elections, there has been no change in that amount. But after the huge victory in the last assembly elections, the Trinamool Congress is going to change the amount of money this time. The party has already started the process of informing the party MLAs about this issue separately. Many members of the Legislative Assembly have bank accounts and many of the newly elected members have not yet opened bank accounts. So the ruling party wants to complete the whole process by opening a bank account within the next month. The MLAs welcomed the decision of the party.

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