Was an active member of the BJP? Mamata’s lawyer wrote a letter to remove the judge in the Nandigram case

#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has finally approached the High Court over the results of the assembly polls at Nandigram Center. High Court Justice Kaushik Chand has adjourned the hearing of the case for seven days. The next hearing of the Nandigram case will be held on Thursday According to the judge, the presence of the plaintiff in the election-related case is mandatory Even if he does not appear, he has to show proper reasons in court According to that source, Mamata is also likely to appear in court. In this situation, a section of the lawyers of the High Court protested against Justice Kaushik Chand. But why? After Kaushik Chand took over as judge in the Nandigram case, leaders like Derek and Brian, Kunal Ghosh shared several pictures on Twitter. It is seen that Kaushik Chand is present in the program of BJP’s legal cell. He was also seen sitting next to BJP state president Dilip Ghosh. As soon as that picture came in front, there was an uproar. In a letter to the Chief Justice of the High Court, Mamata Banerjee’s lawyer has requested that an important case like this be heard in another bench.

And this time, highlighting the issue, a section of the Calcutta High Court lawyers claimed that Justice Kaushik Chand was an ‘active member’ of the BJP. On the same day, as soon as the case filed by Mamata Banerjee came up in her court, the lawyers protested with black masks and posters in their hands. The poster read, ‘Don’t do politics with the judiciary’. They also demanded the removal of Justice Chand from the case in front of the media.

Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien and Trinamool spokesman Kunal Ghosh also tweeted about the issue. BJP leaders did not want to speak openly about this. However, it is true that Kaushik Chand has fought multiple cases for the BJP at one time. He was also the Additional Solicitor General of the state on behalf of the Center. Kaushik Chanda was also very close to former BJP state president Rahul Sinha. In this situation, the Nandigram case made a fuss before the case was settled.

However, veteran High Court lawyer and CPM leader Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya countered, “Such acts are unconstitutional. If a Chief Minister thinks that he will not get proper justice from the judges, then the common man will lose confidence in the judiciary. After that, anyone will come and say, I don’t want this judge, let the case be sent to another court. ‘

However, Justice Kaushik Chand said that the Nandigram case would be heard in the High Court on June 24. The Chief Minister has filed a case in the High Court challenging the Nandigram result Trinamool candidate from Nandigram has filed an election petition in the High Court Cases have been filed under Sections 60, 70A, 61, 100 and 123 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. It has been alleged in the court that Suvendu Adhikari paid bribe. Exerted influence. Has spread hatred among the people. Asked for votes on the basis of religion. Took the help of government officials and occupied the booth.

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