Went to catch fish in the frozen water, the frozen body of the teenager fell on the way to Kolkata!

#Kolkata: He died of electrocution in Kolkata. The role of the administration in questioning two such incidents on the same day. The first incident took place in Haridebpur area 6 of the southern suburbs The second is in Patuli adjacent to the bypass. The first incident, however, was not electrocuted in the stagnant water. Due to which he died on the spot However, the cause of the second incident is the accumulated water. The teenager lost his life while fishing in the frozen water in front of the house.

The incident happened around noon on Friday, local residents claimed. The teenager was electrocuted while fishing in the frozen water. Many even claim that the frozen water or the fish was so electrocuted that the snake died in that place. As a result, the question arose again about the accumulation of water in Calcutta for natural reasons. However, the city administrator of Kolkata, Firhad Hakim, said yesterday that the city dwellers will be relieved of water woes within a year.

On the other hand, another tragic incident took place this morning on Baish Bigha Road in Haridebpur. While riding the bike, a young man died when he was suddenly torn from an electric pole. The deceased was identified as Manik Barui, 38 Manik, a resident of Joker Gopalnagar, used to drive a car and work as a gym trainer

Incidentally, a young man from Farakka died last month after being electrocuted in front of the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata. The incident caused a commotion in the state. There was tension between the municipality and the CESC over who was responsible for the incident In the case of Haridebpur, locals also complained that the electricity poles in the area were not properly maintained. The young man has to pay the price for that negligence After the autopsy, the body of the youth will be handed over to his family

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