What exactly happened in Shitalkuchi? Suspended police super in the face of tough questions

#Kolkata: CID interrogated former Kochbihar police superintendent Debashis Dhar for a six-hour marathon in the Shitalkuchi case. Seat officials interrogated him He appeared at Bhabani Bhavan around 11:30 am on Friday. He has been summoned again at 11:30 am on June 22. The former superintendent of police of Kochbihar has been summoned again after matching the statements of those who were recorded earlier in the investigation.

Video recordings were made during his interrogation The then SP Debashis Dhar of Kochbihar is currently suspended. According to the notice, he was summoned to Bhabani Bhavan on Friday. What was his role on the day of the incident? He was not at the scene on the day of the incident, who did he contact after the incident? Which officers did you talk to? In that case, what action did he take after this incident? In the face of all these questions, the then SP Debashis Dhar said that some people had snatched the weapons of the central forces. As a result, the forces fired in self-defense. This is where the question arises, how did he know before the investigation that the central forces fired in self-defense? What are the conversations with the officers who called? It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

According to CID sources, the role of the then SP in the shooting incident at Booth No. 127 in Shitalkuchi on April 10 is being investigated. Because he was not at the scene at the time of the riots But after the formation of the CID seat, on May 16, the seat officials visited the Shitalkuchi incident site. The CID investigation revealed that the shots were not only fired outside the booth, but also aimed at the booth. As a result, he shot through the door of the booth and went to the blackboard inside the booth In that case, how did he, as an SP, say before the investigation that the central forces fired in self-defense? There was chaos outside, why were shots fired inside the booth? According to CID sources, Debashis Babu was questioned about all this

According to CID sources, members of the forensic ballistic team visited the spot on June 8. There, they initially informed the CID that the bullets on the blackboard were rifle bullets. According to CID sources, six Central Army personnel were summoned three times in the incident However, the CID claimed that none of them came to Bhabani Bhaban Earlier, the CID had also recorded eyewitness statements in the case According to CID sources, Mathabhanga SDPO Surjit Mandal was called to Bhabani Bhaban on May 12 for questioning. On May 11, Mathabhanga SI Govinda Das was summoned to Bhabani Bhavan for questioning. Govinda was in charge of RT Mobile on the day of the incident On May 10, Mathabhanga IC Visashraya Sarkar and Sector Officer ASI Rafa Barman and QRT Officer ASI Subrata Mandal were summoned to Bhabani Bhavan for questioning. On May 25, DMDC Mathabhanga T Bhutia, Returning Officer and BDO Mathabhanga Sambal Jhan, who was in the role of Assistant Returning Officer on the day of the incident, were also summoned and interrogated at Bhabani Bhavan. The officers’ statements were recorded. The investigating officer was also summoned and questioned earlier Their statement will be matched with the statement of former coach Bihar Police Super Debashish Dhar.

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