44 to zero! Why is that, today is the first time the excited will speak

#Kolkata: In the 2016 assembly elections, the Congress got more than 40 seats. The alliance had 6 seats. But all this is now past. In the 2021 assembly vote, Benazir’s disaster has come down. The CPM-Congress has started suffering from the existential crisis. In this situation, the provincial Congress is going to sit on the day of the CPM’s state committee meeting. This is the first meeting of the Provincial Congress after the vote. President Adhir Chowdhury will lead the meeting. There will be office bearers of various committees and branches of the State Congress and district presidents, there may be many former MLAs.

The results of this meeting will be analyzed from district to district. The reason for the rate will be discussed. The Left-Congress has been in the alliance since 2016. In 2016, the Congress got more seats than the Left. That is why Abdul Mannan was elected Leader of the Opposition. But this time all the numbers have changed. The Trinamool has launched an offensive in Murshidabad, known as Adhir-Garh. In Malda too, the Congress did not have much of an advantage. That is why people could not accept the ISF’s nexus with the secular Congress or the CPM, which has distanced itself from religion, issues that could come up today at a meeting of the provincial congress.

We may also talk about the future of the alliance. On behalf of the CPM, Suryakanta Mishra has made it clear that they are not interested in breaking the alliance by moving forward but there are still thorns. Posts of CPM leaders on social media are occasionally bridging the gap between the two camps. A few days ago, Bikasharanjan Bhattacharya, a goon of the Congress, used this phrase, and the post he gave caused a great stir in the CPM Congress. On behalf of the Provincial Congress, a letter was sent to Suryakanta Mishra asking for his position. The letter was given to the top leadership of the party rather than breaking the alliance, how much the Congress is interested in keeping the alliance in this situation, it will be understood only after today’s meeting.

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