Adhir Chowdhury blames ISF for election debacle

#Kolkata: From the very beginning, there was disagreement in the Congress over the inclusion of ISF in the alliance The provincial Congress leadership also objected to the ISF being deprived of seats After the results of the vote, it is seen that the receipt of the Left-Congress is zero ISF 7 has won only one seat

This time, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the president of the provincial Congress, directly blamed the ISF for the vote rigging. One step further, he anxiously claimed that the Congress had no alliance with the ISF The Congress had formed an alliance only with the Left Front Not only that, he also claimed that the Left-Congress alliance had lost credibility with the inclusion of ISF. As a result, not only ISF, but also the Left, an ally of the alliance, has been targeted by the President of the Provincial Congress.

On the same day, the provincial Congress leadership sat in the first discussion on the disaster in the vote Later in the press conference, he said anxiously, ‘The alliance was with the Left Front CPM leaders were present at every meeting with me The ISF infiltrated in the middle and created a clear image of the alliance We have no alliance with ISF We got 92 seats from the left ISF has fielded 6 candidates against us in Murshidabad The ISF leader went there and preached 7 If the alliance, the ISF would have fielded candidates against the Congress? I said that day, I still say that the CPM party had an alliance with us.

Not only that, Adhir has practically admitted on this day that people have saved Mamata Banerjee as the face of Modi’s opposition. The provincial Congress president said, “People believe that only Didi can stop Modi.” So the Congress, not the CPM, has lost the BJP strategically at the moment. Minorities also think that voting for Mamata Banerjee will only stop the BJP. While the Chief Minister himself is talking about uniting the opposition forces before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the remarks in the face of the opposition’s impatience along with Mamata are seen as significant enough by the political circles.

However, he did not want to comment on the future of the Congress alliance with the CPM He said the alliance would remain in place until the two sides officially announced the break-up of the alliance.

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