Baby fever, corona report negative! The name of the panic is MISC! He was caught in Calcutta

#Kolkata: Fever, abdominal pain. Meanwhile, the corona test was negative. When the only 14-year-old child was admitted to the hospital, the doctor’s experienced eye caught the teenager suffering from Corona’s subsequent MISC or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children. Delay in treatment could lead to death. Rishabh Roy of Baranagar, who fought for his life in the ICU for 4 days, did not accept the doctor’s rate.

Rishabh Roy, a ninth grader, and his parents started living in a flat on the outskirts of Baranagar Sinthi on the outskirts of Kolkata, just off Mumbai. And disaster in the middle of it. Suddenly Rishabh has a fever, the temperature is above 102, with abdominal pain. According to a relative, the parents took Rishabh to Sumita Saha, a pediatrician at Fortis Hospital next to the EM Bypass. The doctor first admitted Rishabh saying that he had a problem with normal pancreas. After a day, the matter did not look right in the experienced eyes of the doctor. He did some necessary tests and saw Rishabh suffering from MISC disease. Doctor Sumita Saha said, “Rishabh and his family quickly benefited us in the hope that if they had come a few days late, we would not have been able to tell the truth!”

What is MISC disease? The Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children was reported by the World Health Organization or WHO in September last year. The disease is usually diagnosed within two months after the onset of asymptomatic or slightly symptomatic coronary heart disease. High fever for more than a day, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, diarrhea, redness of the eyes, tingling in the skin, excessive heart rate, rapid breathing – the cause is still known to cause serious problems in the immune system. Warning message – If caught quickly, the child recovers completely. If the child is late, there is a risk of damage to the heart, liver, lungs.

The only child Rishabh was hospitalized in ICU for ten days. His family had full confidence in the doctor even though he was scared. After Rishabh returned home, they called the doctor another form of God. Rishabh’s mother Atreyi Roy wiped away the tears and said, ‘I was shocked to see the condition of my only son. There is no language to express gratitude for the way my son was reborn, especially with the help of doctor Sumita. ‘

And Rishabh, who once dreamed of becoming an engineer, is recovering after lying in a hospital bed and watching death so close that he now wants to be a doctor only. Rishabh wants to be the role model for the doctor who saved his life. Rishabh Roy, a ninth-grade student at Goriya BD Memorial School, said, ‘When my oxygen level started declining in the hospital bed, I was just wondering, will I ever be alive again? But the way doctor Sumita Saha always warned me, in the future I think if I can do such treatment in the future, my life will be successful.

Doctors, however, say that there is no treatment at home, no buying antibiotics from the store and feeding the baby, but there is no reason to be afraid if you go to the doctor quickly. Pediatrician Sumita Saha said, “We always try to make the patient healthy. However, sometimes when we can’t, we also feel pain. And it was a challenge for me to heal this Rishabh and return home. I am aware of each of you and if we do not treat ourselves at home, we will undoubtedly be able to overcome this corona. ‘


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