CBI detains Amritava Chowdhury for taking compensation by fooling rail Compensation for making a fool of the railways, job! ‘Dead’ Amritav actually lives? – News18 Bangla

The train knew that Amritav Chowdhury, a resident of Jorabagan in Kolkata, had died in the Gnaneshwari accident. Even the body of Amritavar was handed over to the family by the railways with DNA samples. Amritabhar’s family gets four lakh rupees as compensation ‘Dead’ Amritavar’s sister also got a job in Rail 7 But 11 years after the Gnaneshwari accident, it was found out that Amritav was actually alive The CBI on Friday night arrested Amritav and his father on charges of taking money and jobs by giving false information to the railways. Although Amritabha claims in the interrogation, he is not Amritav However, according to CBI sources, the father of the accused has admitted the identity of his son Amritavar’s sister Mahua Pathak has been suspended by Rail 8

But how did such a big fraud happen? The Gyaneshwari Express crashed near Sardihar in West Midnapore on May 26, 2010. The Mumbai-bound train derailed late at night and was hit by a freight train coming from the opposite direction. About 150 passengers died in the incident Many passengers’ bodies are so badly injured that they need to be identified by DNA testing.

According to CBI sources, Amritav was the passenger of the train His family claimed he was dead after the incident According to a complaint filed by the Railways with the CBI, Amritav was proved dead by the Railways through a fake DNA report in collusion with government employees and insurance agents. After DNA matching, Amritav says the body was identified and handed over to Amritav’s family. Amritavar’s father Mihir Chowdhury and mother Archana Chowdhury then demanded compensation from the railways as per the rules. Amritabhar’s married sister Mahua got a job in the railways He is currently working in the signal department at Sealdah

According to CBI sources, the Railway Vigilance Department has been working on the matter since last year on suspicion of the Amritavar incident. It is clear from the railway investigation that Amritabhar did not die in the accident of Gyaneshwari He is alive By cheating the railways and the government, Amritabhar’s family has snatched the compensation money and the job However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

On June 15, the general manager of the vigilance department of the South Eastern Railway lodged a complaint with the CBI. On Friday night, the CBI raided Amritabhar’s house in Ganganarayan Dutt Lane in Jorabagan police station area. Along with Amritavar, his father was also arrested The two were taken to the CBI office at Nizam Palace and interrogation began According to CBI sources, Amritav is not admitting his identity even after being caught However, Mihir Chowdhury has admitted the identity of his son CBI 6 is trying to be sure about Amritavar’s identity After that they will be arrested Apart from Amritavar’s mother and sister, the list of accused also includes the names of unidentified government workers Police have suspended Amritavar’s sister

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