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#Kolkata: On Friday, the Higher Secondary Education Parliament announced the method of evaluation of higher secondary education But questions began to arise around this formula of Parliament. Parliament has given special importance to the results of the annual examination based on the subject of class XI, especially in the case of assessment of higher secondary. It has been said that 60 per cent marks will be given importance from the thematic results of the annual examination of this class XI.

The headmasters of different schools have started raising multiple questions around this announcement of the parliament. Because, last time the number of the result of the annual examination of class XI has already been sent to the parliament by different schools. However, due to the Corona situation, the schools could not take the annual examination in more than one subject of class XI. The schools could not give any number of those subjects due to not taking the annual examination. So teachers are raising questions about how those issues will be evaluated.

According to sources in the Higher Education Parliament, last time, in the case of the eleventh class as well as in the higher secondary, Physics, Nutrition, Education, Accountancy, Chemistry, Economics, Journalism and Mass Communication, Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, French, Statistics, Mathematics, Statistics, Important topics such as family resource management could not be tested. And so different schools could not send the number of students in these subjects to the Higher Education Parliament.

Sunita Sen, principal of Baliganj Shiksha Sadan, said, “We were not even asked to send the numbers of the subjects which were not examined then. So we didn’t even send the number. Now we are worried about how to evaluate these issues. The students are also worried about the matter.

However, Parimal Bhattacharya, the headmaster of Jadavpur Vidyapeeth, is advising the parliament to be proactive in this regard. He said, ‘Parliament should have clarified the matter. We have not received any clear guidelines on how to give marks to the subjects which were not tested in class XI. Questions have been raised on behalf of Kolkata and various schools in the state on how to assess the subjects that have not been cleared for Class XI.

However, when asked about this issue, the President of the Higher Education Parliament, Mahua Das, said, ‘Last time, due to the Corona situation, the students could not take exams in several subjects of the Higher Secondary. The same formula that we used to score those subjects will be given in the same way for the subjects which could not be tested in class XI.

In this case, the last time a student got the highest marks in the subject in the high school, the number was given in the subjects that were not examined. In that case, it is expected that the same will be followed in the case of the annual examination of class XI.

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