CPM state committee meets in two days to find answers as to why the collapse, people’s minds could not be read

#Kolkata: The CPM will convene a meeting of the state committee from today to take a closer look at why the vote crash, the party that has been in power for 35 years, came to power so quickly. The meeting will continue for the next two days. Sitaram Yechury, Prakash Karat from Delhi will keep an eye on the meeting. Basically, we will talk about the reasons for the loss of votes. Failures will be reviewed throughout each district. The self-observation of the district leaders will be listened to carefully, there will also be talk about the alliance.

The first state committee meeting after the collapse of the CPM was held on May 29. In that meeting, like Benazir, many leaders put Alimuddin on the fence. Most of the leaders raised questions about the alliance, especially about tying the knot with a groundbreaking group like the ISF. Most of the leaders are of the opinion that this alliance has tarnished the secular image of the party. Even today, the issue of this alliance is going to come up in the meeting of the state committee. The assessment will go deeper.

In Kerala, when the party collapsed in alliance with the Congress, the result was the opposite in Kerala. The leaders of the CPM’s state committee will also talk about why one journey is a different outcome. Although Alimuddin would make the final decision to break the alliance, Suryakant Mishra had made it clear earlier. However, there is time to discuss various issues at home and abroad.

If the alliance is the outsider of the CPM, then the intimate left front. And those front partners are also vocal against the CPM for various reasons. Especially with the Forward Bloc, a few days ago there was a slight clash between the CPM and the CPM. Block leader Naren Chatterjee referred to the CPM’s two allies, the Congress and the ISF, as crutches. He expressed his anger in unequivocal language.

After this, it was decided at the meeting of the Front on Tuesday that the Front partners including the CPM would take to the streets in the anti-Center movement in the coming days. There were hints of softening the tone, albeit a little towards the state, at the front meeting. It is clear that the people will not accept the unnecessary criticism of the party that came to power in the mandate. Standing in this situation, what will be the route map of tomorrow, how much will be the tune, what distance will the CPM keep with the alliance partners, these various issues will come up in the two-day meeting.

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