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#Kolkata: The state administration has declared lockdown in several states of the country to curb the spread of corona infection (COVID 19). However, in the case of Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was against a complete lockdown. Instead, he sought to curb the infection by imposing strict restrictions in Bengal. Due to strict self-governance, the incidence of corona has decreased a lot. After a long two and a half months, the number of infected (Covid Positivity Rate) has come down to below three thousand. However, in the midst of all this, dengue has started to shake hard. The administration is seriously concerned about that.

However, the administration is still concerned about the rate of infection in several districts. As a result, the state is determined to reduce the number of corona cases in those districts. On Saturday, Health Secretary HK Dwivedi held a video conference with the district magistrate and the chief health officers of each district. There is a need to take necessary steps as soon as possible to reduce the infection.

Recently, in a virtual meeting with the district governors of Nadia, Howrah, Jalpaiguri, Hooghly, East Midnapore, Kolkata, North and South 24 Parganas, Kochbihar and Darjeeling, the Chief Minister himself gave a message to take more drastic steps to prevent corona infection. On the same day, Mamata said, “In the districts where more than two hundred people are affected every day, create a Containment Zone if necessary. That has to be done in the next few days. You have to take all necessary measures. Seven to eight districts still do it every day.” The number of victims is exceeding two hundred. It must be brought under control as soon as possible. ” After that, even though the infection was less, the Chief Secretary expressed his concern about those districts again.

At the meeting, Chief Secretary Corona directed the districts to increase the amount of vaccination. Besides corona, dengue has also been directed to be looked into. The health secretary said that special attention should be paid to the districts which are prone to dengue.

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