Doctors raise alarm as Swine flu cases rise in Kolkata The same symptom, swine flu is fooling doctors in the corona twist! 19 attacked in the city – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Fever, cold, cough, sore throat – all the symptoms of corona are 6 But when tested, the report is negative Many doctors are giving the test to the patient thinking that he is infected with malaria But in reality it is seen that the patient has been infected with swine flu

The swine flu has hit Kolkata just before the onset of monsoon amid rising corona. In the last few days, 19 Kolkata residents have already been admitted to various hospitals in the city after contracting swine flu. News of relief, 13 of them have also recovered The state health department is also monitoring the situation as the number of swine flu cases is on the rise. Swine flu is usually transmitted from the beginning of the rainy season to Pujo

According to the health department, four of the 19 people still infected in Kolkata are residents of the Khidirpur Metiaburuj area. Three are from Behala, two from Goriyahat, two from Jadavpur, three from Kasbar, three from Kankurgachhi and two from Salt Lake. However, so far no case of swine flu has been reported

However, doctors are advising to be careful about swine flu like Corona Because swine flu is highly contagious As a result, if one person is infected at home, the chances of the other members being infected are very high Dhruv Bhattacharya, a critical care specialist at Narayan Memorial Hospital in Behala, said, “Patients should be very careful about swine flu. In many cases, doctors breathe a sigh of relief when the corona results are negative, despite the symptoms. But it turns out that the patient may have been infected with swine flu As a result, doctors need to be aware. Fever, cold, sore throat, dry cough with cough, headache as well as muscle aches, diarrhea can also be symptoms of swine flu, doctors said. As a result, swine flu is similar to all the symptoms of corona If such symptoms persist for more than three days, doctor Dhruv Bhattacharya should first check the corona. He also suggested that if the symptoms persist despite the negative corona test results, the necessary tests should be done to diagnose swine flu.

According to sources, the state health department is monitoring the whole situation Guidelines with expert opinion on swine flu may be published soon.

A few years ago, swine flu 6 took a serious turn in Kolkata Patient 7 was overwhelmed with Beleghata ID However, in the last two-three years, no cases of swine flu have been reported in Kolkata As a result, doctors are advising to be careful from now on

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