Gaza business unrest! Mallikpur again three rounds in public!

Baruipur: Less than a month later, another shootout took place at Mallikpur under Baruipur police station. At around 9.30 pm on Friday night, several miscreants came near the Mallikpur railway gate on two or three bikes, fired three rounds and fled from there. Although no casualties were reported, there was widespread unrest in the area.

A large police force led by SDPO Baruipur Abhishek Majumder and IC Baruipur Dev Kumar Roy went to the spot. A bullet casing was recovered from the scene. Mallikpur Trinamool Congress regional president Habibur Rahman Vaidya said a miscreant named Sabbir Beg and his gang fired to establish the dominance of the cannabis business in the area. He demanded the arrest of the miscreants involved in the shootout incident. He also appealed to the Baruipur police to eradicate the Gaza business from Mallikpur.

This is not the first shootout in Mallikpur. In 2019, a young man named Nizamuddin Mandal was shot dead in broad daylight here. A few days ago, shots were fired in Mallikpur. In May, a young man named Sheikh Sohail was seriously injured in a public shooting. The miscreants shot and fled the area. Why this incident is being seen again and again, why the administration is not able to suppress crime in the area adjacent to Baruipur, many such questions are being raised.

-Arpan Mandal

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