Goal 2024! Trinamool leaders have to make a habit of party office and holiday routine!


This time we are waiting for an all-India war beyond the borders of Bengal. And so the Trinamool Congress wants to be much more organized than before. But it did not happen in the face! If you want to fight at the national level, you have to be much more organized. The Trinamool has turned a blind eye to the 2024 Lok Sabha vote. And so from now on the All India Trinamool Congress has come down to strengthen the organizational structure. Even if you win the record in the assembly elections, you should not be in a holiday mood. Leader Mamata Banerjee has explained that to the party leaders, ministers and workers. Leaders and ministers have to think for the party as well as for the people. And so you have to make a habit of going to the party office. To that end, a party roster has been created for all the senior leaders of the party. Someone has to be in the party office every day of the week, someone again on the appointed day.

Not only senior leaders-ministers, but also youth and women leaders should get in the habit of coming to the party office. Such is the rule. Even the cultural student leadership has to come to the party office regularly and take necessary responsibilities. Work will be shared at the party office. The leadership at every level must be involved in all the political activities of the party. Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendu Shekhar says the party office is an important place. It is important to have the habit of going to the party office. An active leader or minister is also good for the party in the regular party office. Thus, after the election, the organizational meetings and activities of the grassroots have increased more than before. The top leadership of the Trinamool wants to increase the political activities of the party in the future.

The top leadership of the Trinamool Congress has decided to abide by the one-leader, one-post theory after the assembly elections. Ministers do not have to handle any position in the party. The grassroots high-command thinks that if this theory is followed, the organizational structure will be stronger than before. After the 2019 elections, the Trinamool supremo said he would give more time in the interest of the party. He has done as he was told. On the other hand, Prashant Kishore advised the local leadership in 2019 to go to the party office and get more involved in the activities of the party. This is what the grassroots leaders and workers have to do this time.

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