Great news! Intercity is being launched even if it is not local, ticketing will start from tomorrow

#Kolkata: Intercity Express will be launched soon. Necessary permission has already been obtained from the Railway Board of India. According to sources, all these trains will start running from next week. The trains that will be launched next week include Sealdah-New Jalpaiguri, Kolkata-Shilghat, Howrah-Ranchi Shatabdi, Kolkata-Balurghat, Howrah-Asansol, Kolkata-Lalgola, Howrah-Rampurhat Express. However, all these trains will run as special trains.

According to railway sources, the Intercity Express is one of the most trusted sections of the people in sections like Lalgola, Asansol and Rampurhat. Therefore, with special permission, this train will be launched in accordance with the Kovid protocol. In all, 160 long-distance trains will start service from Monday. A total of 34 Intercity Expresses will be launched step by step. According to Eastern Railway sources, 52 pairs of special trains have been running so far. They have been extended.

Tickets can be cut from tomorrow. In addition to several ticket reservations, train tickets can be purchased online. Passengers will have to travel with a reserved ticket. The state ban will continue for some time. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Let’s take a look at the list of trains that will run:

Howrah-Ranchi Century Special, Rachi-Howrah Century Special, Sealdah-New Jalpaiguri Special, New Jalpaiguri-Sealdah Special, Kolkata-Balurghat Special, Balurghat-Calcutta Special, Kolkata-Haldibari Special, Halldi -Howrah Special. There are also: Sealdah & Howrah – New Delhi AC Special, Howrah & Sealdah – Bikani Special, Howrah – Daradun Special, Howrah – Yoganagari Rishikesh Special, Howrah – Lalkua Special, Howrah – Bhopal Special, Howrah – Goal, Howrah – Goal -Alipurduar and New Alipurduar Special, Howrah -Raxaul Special, Sealdah -Balia Special, Sealdah -Joynagar Special.

Sources said that even though these special trains have been launched, there are still doubts about the number of passengers. Corona infection in the country is slowly declining. State infections are also much lower than before. It is not yet known when the local or metro service will start as usual, even though the Eastern Railway has run special trains. Since the ban has been announced till the 30th. So the express trains running in the state will not run for the time being. But efforts are being made to talk to the state so that these expressways can run faster. However, even if all these trains run in Corona, they will not have ordinary class compartments.

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