Governor of Bengal stepping on the President! Trinamool said to learn the lesson of respect

#NewDelhi: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar had been in Delhi for several days to complain about the law and order situation in Bengal. According to sources, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar met President Ramnath Kobind during the visit and submitted a note on the law and order situation in the state. After visiting Delhi, the Governor-General visited the Rashtrapati Bhavan on June 18 There the governor gave a note to the president. But as soon as the picture of that meeting came out, the Trinamool raised the question. Kunal Ghosh, a spokesman for the ruling party in the state, tweeted a picture of the meeting, asking how the governor, who was going to discuss the situation in the state, took his wife with him. Secondly, it is clear in the picture that the Governor is sitting with his feet towards the President. Kunal has also been vocal about this issue.

Trinamool spokesperson wrote on Twitter, ‘Family talk’ about West Bengal !! Nematanna or? Tao again stepped towards His Majesty? At least remember the tradition of respect, honor and custom. Incidentally, the Trinamool has already set the tone for the Governor’s visit to Delhi.

Although it was the capital for several days, it did not happen in Delhi, as in Bengal, where Dhankhar used to raise his voice against the state every day. Apart from two-day meetings with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Governor also met the President, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, several Union Ministers and the Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission. But at the very end of the whole tour, he made a few attacks on the state.

However, sources said that almost everyone in Delhi has complained that the law and order situation in the state has deteriorated. Almost everyone in Delhi is reported to have information about the state’s post-poll violence in the governor’s note or report. He also alleged that human rights violations were taking place in the state According to Raisina Hill, the governor has also requested Ramnath Kobind to take appropriate steps as the President. On Twitter, however, the governor claimed that his meeting with the president was a courtesy call. And the Trinamool has been vocal about the meeting. However, it is not about the issue, but about the ‘behavior’ of the governor in the presidential court.

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