Money, ‘dead’ Amritav agrees to return to job, CBI wants to be sure of identity

#Kolkata: He is Amritav Chowdhury On this day, Amritav, who was ‘dead’ in the Gnaneshwari accident, admitted this in front of the media. Chowdhury 6 However, the CBI is still not sure about Amritavar’s identity So On this day, Amritav and his father were called to the Nizam’s Palace CBI officials will also take Amritav to his home in Jorabagan to verify his identity.

Amritab Chowdhury, a resident of Jorabagan, was named in the list of those killed in the 2010 Jnaneshwari Express accident. Amritavar’s body was given to his family by DNA Amritabhar’s family also gets four lakh rupees as compensation Amritabhar’s sister Mahua got a job in the railways But about 11 years after the incident, the Railways complained to the CBI that the man named Amritav Chowdhury had not died in the Gnaneshwari accident. He is still alive It is alleged that the Amritavar family swindled jobs and compensation money by giving fake DNA reports to the Railways.

The CBI arrested Amritav Chowdhury and his father from their Jorabagan home on Friday night after receiving a complaint from the Railways. But the accused did not agree to admit himself as Amritav Chowdhury According to CBI sources, the Railway Vigilance Team has found out that Amritav Chowdhury has been working for a private company for the last few years and has also filed an income tax return. Not only that, he has also renewed his passport However, CBI officials could not confirm Amritabhar’s identity The age of the detainee did not match with the ‘dead’ Amritavar That is why the CBI released Amritav and his father Mihir Chowdhury after interrogation on Saturday On this day they were again summoned to the Nizam’s Palace They were also asked to take appropriate documents as evidence in support of the statement

Amritav and his father appeared at the CBI office this morning on the instructions of the CBI. Upon entering the CBI office, Amritav, however, practically admitted his identity Answering the question of the media, he said, ‘I am Amritav Chowdhury That day I was going to Delhi on the Gyaneshwari Express. ‘ At the same time, Amritav has claimed that his family is ready to repay the compensation money including interest His sister will also quit her job However, Amritav has practically admitted that many others of the railways are involved in this scam “Ask the railway officials what they want,” he said. After questioning Amritav, CBI detectives raided his house in Jorabagan. Several pictures of him were also collected from the house of accused Amritav CBI officials also tried to verify the identity by talking to Amritabhar’s neighbors and the homeowner. Attempts were made to find out what was said to them by Amritavar’s family at the time of the Gnaneshwari accident. After that, Amritav and his father were taken to the CBI office again

CBI officials, however, admit that it is not possible to carry out such a massive scam without the help of a class of railway workers and officials. As a result, it is being investigated whether any current or former railway official is associated with it The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is also investigating how the fake DNA report was made, how the compensation money and the job were found.

Although the accused has confessed to the media, CBI officials want to confirm Amritavar’s identity for now. Until then, no steps will be taken to arrest Amritav

Arpita Hazra

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