Youth arrested for killing family members in Malda

The West Bengal police on Saturday arrested a 19-year-old youth at Kaliachak in the State’s Malda district for allegedly killing four family members and burying them in a room of their house four months ago.

Four bodies, which could be of the father, mother, sister and grandmother of the accused, were exhumed from the house and sent for post mortem examination, Superintendent of Police, Malda, Alok Rajoria told journalists.

The police officer said the accused, on February 28, 2021, had spiked the drinks of the family members with sleeping pills and after they fell unconscious, tied their hands and gagged their mouths with duct tapes. According to the police, the accused then pushed the drugged family members into a reservoir in the house and buried the bodies in the floor of a room.

The incident came to light after the elder brother of the accused informed the police. The elder brother had fled to Kolkata after the incident. The police said they were also investigating the role of the elder brother, who claimed that he had fled in February when other members of the family were killed.

The police said that an investigation was on to find the motive behind the murders. Neighbours said that the youth kept to himself and did not allow any one to enter the house.

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