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#Kolkata: Gyaneshwari Express 8 was involved in an accident in May 2010 Amritav Chowdhury, who died in the Gyaneshwari accident in Tamil Nadu for the next seven years. Amritav, who is accused of forgery, has made such a claim in the face of CBI interrogation However, the Jorabagan resident claimed in cross-examination that he did not remember how he got to Tamil Nadu.

Amritab Chowdhury, a resident of Jorabagan, was named in the list of those killed in the 2010 Jnaneshwari Express accident. Amritavar’s body was given to his family by DNA Amritabhar’s family also gets four lakh rupees as compensation Amritabhar’s sister Mahua got a job in the railways But about 11 years after the incident, the Railways complained to the CBI that the man named Amritav Chowdhury had not died in the Gnaneshwari accident. He is still alive It is alleged that the Amritavar family swindled jobs and compensation money by giving fake DNA reports to the Railways.

CBI officials have been interrogating Amritav Chowdhury at the Nizam Palace office since Saturday. He was also taken to his home in Jorabagan yesterday and questioned by CBI officials. On this day his father was also called to the Nizam’s Palace According to sources, during the interrogation, Amritav claimed that he had moved to Tamil Nadu in 2010 after Jnaneshwari’s accident. From there he returned in 2016 Amritavar claims that he can’t remember how he got to Tamil Nadu.

The original house of Amritav is at Bamunpara in Monteshwar, Burdwan Neighbors, however, claim that Amritav informed them that he was abducted by militants in 2010 and taken to Tamil Nadu. He escaped from the militant camp in 2016 and reached Howrah by train

As a result, CBI detectives have found inconsistencies in Amritavar’s statement Investigators also want to know how he obtained the fake DNA report Besides, the question has arisen as to whether any other passenger was buried in the name of Amritavar According to CBI sources, DNA samples from Amritav and his father Mihir Chowdhury will be tested again to confirm Amritav’s identity. The CBI is yet to confirm whether Amritav is alive or dead, a 72-hour standoff. However, in front of the media on Sunday, Amritav Chowdhury himself admitted that he was on the Gyaneshwari Express. The accused also said that they were ready to return the compensation money and the sister’s job

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