Antibody cocktail therapy has started in Kolkata too, how are the two corona patients? – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Antibody Cocktail Therapy has already started in the market of the country to prevent the infection of Kovid 19 virus. Kolkata is one of the cities in the country that is currently recovering from the corona outbreak with the help of this method. Narayan Memorial Hospital said in a press conference on Saturday that antibody cocktail therapy had been applied to two Kovid 19 infected patients at the institute, who were in good health and on the way to a speedy recovery.

According to doctors and scientists, the second wave of corona in the country has come to an end. But just as there is another beginning after the end, this time the third wave of the virus is going to kill the health of the citizens. As a result, the only goal of the health system across the country for the time being – to build a combined immunity through vaccines and to cure the patient as soon as possible – will be the only way to deal with the virus. To that end, a few days ago, Roche India and Cipla Limited, a parent company of Switzerland, introduced antibody cocktails in India. This time its application started with the help of Narayan Memorial Hospital in Calcutta.

In this context, the CEO of the organization Suparna Sengupta (Suparna Sengupta) said that they are overwhelmed with the help of Sipler in patient services. In fact, Kolkata has been getting antibody cocktails from Sipler. According to Subhrojyoti Bhowmick, a physician associated with the organization, non-antibody cutlets can be used in both mild to moderate adults and those over 12 kg who weigh more than 40 kg. If this method is applied, the patient will not need oxygen.

Incidentally, the antibody cocktail is made from a combination of two antibodies called casirivimab and imdevimab. These drugs are made by combining these two antibodies together in a laboratory. After application, this combined antibody fights the virus in the body and weakens it, as well as prevents the virus from infecting the cells. It is known that the cost of a single dose is currently 59,750 rupees in the country!

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