Keute to dig earthworms, promotional business is dying ‘dead’ in Gyaneshwari accident!

The hidden mystery

Gyaneshwari Express Accident: The Railway Department may have known that Amritav was alive a few days ago. Then they collected several documents to be sure about it.

#Kolkata: It’s like digging earthworms! Amritav Chowdhury of Jorabagan in Kolkata declared himself dead in the Gnaneshwari train accident and demanded a large sum of money. He is now being questioned by the CBI. News 18 Bangla’s introspection about that nectar came up with shocking information. According to CBI sources, Amritav and his family have been investing heavily in promotional business lately. The original house at Monteshwar in East Burdwan district is Amritabhar. From there Baba Mihir Chowdhury went to Calcutta for work. However, Amritavadera was to come to the village house. Here he i.e. Gyaneshwari Kande ‘dead’ Amritav had been running a promotional business for the last one and a half years. Standing by himself, he built a four-storey mansion in Monteshwar. A few shop houses on the ground floor of that house have already been sold at exorbitant prices. Not only that, the construction of another two-storied house at Bamunpara in Monteshwar, his village home, is also complete. Residents of the area can’t think where the money came from. Eleven years ago, Gyaneshwari train accident happened. The family claimed that Amritabhar died as a result. Like many others, his body could not be identified. The help of DNA test is then taken. DNA test report was submitted saying Amritav was dead. Then his family got compensation of four lakh rupees. His sister Mahua Pathak was given a job by Rail. Eleven years later, it is known that Amritav, who died in the Gnaneshwari accident, is actually alive. As soon as this news spread, there was an uproar all over the state. Surprised Montessori residents. Naturally, questions began to arise about his work. It is learned that the railway department may have found out that Amritav was alive a few days ago. After that, they collected some documents to be sure about it. The railway authorities then informed the CBI.

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