Kurnish of Red Volunteers, CPM’s eye on the young face now ‘zero’!

#Kolkata: The sinking is less said. The state’s 34-year-old ruling party now has no legislators in the assembly. In West Bengal, the Left camp has been wiped out despite the alliance of Congress and ISF. In this situation, Suryakanta Mishra is finally looking for confidence in the young face. And in that move, the CPM is practically ‘forced’ by the hard work of the Red Volunteers, the issues of public service. In a press release issued on behalf of the CPI (M) West Bengal State Committee on Monday, state secretary Suryakanta Mishra told Kurnish to the Red Volunteers, “There is a lot of work to be done. There are lessons to be learned from this. The state committee has decided that the review work will continue. Opinions will be collected in more detail from all sections of the party and the people. The Politburo and the Central Committee will also review this later. The state committee said accepting defeat does not mean frustration. The communists have to move forward with education from defeat.

The Left leadership is realizing that it will no longer be possible to build a mass base with the same traditional thinking. So after the state committee meeting, Suryakanta said in a mixed press release, “The young people who have come around us are our assets. They need to be taken care of, to bring them into the party structure, to increase contact with different sections of the class and the people. We have to build a lasting movement on the problems of people’s lives. We have to increase the sharpness of the class movement.

The seizure of power is far from over, the CPM, which is now a non-legislative party in the state assembly, needs to increase its presence on the issues of indigenous, Scheduled Caste people at the lower levels of society. The social question cannot be separated from the question of class movement. Leftists allege that identity is being used for division. So they are talking about recognizing its democratic element to build class unity. Even in the context of the demand for a separate North Bengal raised by BJP MP John Barla, the Left will fight against the CPM’s position, the talk of partition of Bengal.

As part of the all-India program of the Left parties, there will be a campaign, protest and demonstration in the state from June 24 to July 5. On June 30, the Left Front will observe ‘Hull Day’. There will be blood donation in the morning and program in the afternoon.

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