Mukul-Ghanishtaderai ‘Bangabhanger’ tune in BJP! Is the goal actually to increase party quarrels?

#Kolkata: Narendra Modi and Amit Shah had high hopes for Bengal. But the BJP has had to succumb to the popularity of Mamata Banerjee. Not only that, Geruya Shibir had to stop at only 6 seats dreaming of 200 seats. In this situation, BJP MP from Alipurduar John Barla has suddenly demanded a separate North Bengal. Barler demanded that North Bengal should be made a separate state or union territory, alleging that it was a victim of deprivation. However, the Trinamool has set the tone for separatism in Bengal. In this situation, along with John Barla, another MP, Soumitra Khan, said, ‘As a resident of West Bengal, I would say that it is not uncommon for this demand to arise in the way the Chief Minister has brought foreign words into Bengal. There are 23 ministers within 50 km of Mamata Banerjee’s house in Kalighat. And the youth of Radhabanga do not have jobs. Property in our area is going to the state treasury. But we are not getting anything. The same demand will arise from Radhabanga in the coming days. In other words, after North Bengal, this time Radha Banga was heard on the faces of other BJP MPs. Although the BJP’s goal is the development of a united West Bengal, Dilip Ghosh is now saying this. Gerua Shibir is not able to tolerate ‘separatism’ keeping in mind the Bengali sentiments. And this is exactly the place where a large section of the political circles is watching Mukul Roy’s ‘Hatyash’.

It has been less than two months since the results of the assembly polls. The BJP leaders are also aware that the call for partition of Bengal will have a negative impact on the people. Retaining the votes received in Bengal for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls is now a big challenge for the Gerua camp. But the way the BJP MPs are talking about the partition of Bengal, many people think that the people’s resentment towards the Gerua camp may increase. The inside story of the Gerua camp was not even in the party’s plan to suddenly demand a separate state. So why are John Barla and Soumitra Khan making such comments?

According to political circles, John Barla and Soumitra Khan were both known to be close to Mukul Roy in the BJP. Before leaving the BJP and coming to the grassroots, Soumitra was also heard to say that Mukul Roy was his political guru. After changing that guru, however, Soumitra called Mukul Mir Jafar. However, political observers are reluctant to take the attack seriously. According to them, the comments of John Barla and Soumitra are making the BJP uneasy. There is growing anger in the team. And many think that increasing the party quarrel within the BJP may be Mukul’s strategy.

Not only that, on Monday, Alipurduar BJP district president Ganga Prasad Sharma joined the Trinamool. From that joining episode, Mukul Roy said, ‘In the last Lok Sabha vote, BJP got the first seat in the North. Today, the BJP started from North Bengal. In fact, the Gerua camp has been trembling for fear of disintegration since Mukul went to the grassroots. There is speculation that many BJP MLAs and MPs may come to the grassroots. In this situation, the opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari has taken the initiative to enforce the law against counter-defection. But part of the political establishment says that in this situation, many leaders inside the Gerua camp can make anti-party or anti-party remarks. They actually want the team to take action against them. And then the path to the grassroots will be easy. Although no one wants to publicly acknowledge such ‘plans’. However, many people think that the call for ‘Partition of Bengal’ could be a break with the BJP.

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