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#Kolkata: There is a lot of debate on social media about the paternity of the upcoming child. But in the midst of all this, actress-MP Nusrat Jahan shared the sign of her child’s coming into the world, ignoring all the cuts. Nusrat Jahan Baby Bump shared a photo on Instagram showing a small baby bump in a pink sheet standing on the hill. And with him the message, ‘Generosity changes everything.’ With the two hands holding the existence of the unborn child.

Earlier, Nusrat had given the message of living on his own terms. As soon as the news of her pregnancy came out, the heroine wrote on Instagram with a picture of a rose, ‘You will blossom just like you’. That is to say, whatever people say, he has signaled to the new member to continue the fight alone, in the direction of showing the light of the world. However, his relationship with his partner Nikhil Jain is still pending in court. However, he claimed that Nusrat never married Nikhil Jain.

The name of Yash Dasgupta, the hero of the Bengali film industry, is involved in the tension between Nusrat and Nikhil. Nusrat and Yash have been in a relationship since the shooting of ‘SOS Kolkata’. On the other hand, Nikhil has denied the paternity of the upcoming child. He claimed that they have been in court for 6-7 months. Nikhil says he has no relationship with Nusrat. After that the question has arisen, but is this child Yash? Although the answer to this question is still elusive.

The actress-MP has practically exploded the bomb by issuing a statement of her own shortly after the Nikhil Jain-Nusrat Jahan relationship began to be strongly practiced. He said that he and Nikhil did not get married. The lavish ceremony in Turkey, according to Turkish marriage rules, has nothing to do with Indian law. Although the name of Yash Dasgupta, the hero of Tolipara, was involved in this debate from the very beginning, he has not said a word so far. However, Yash posted a post on Instagram a week ago. What’s in Yash’s post? According to the actor, ‘Clever people solve problems … Avoid the wise!’ With pictures of himself, and numerous flowering plants planted on the porch of the house. Did Yash want to give any message to Nikhil-Nusrat through this post? Residents of Netpara are at least thinking the same after seeing this new post of Yash.

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