After the defeat, Suryakanta Mishra did not agree with the ally ISF

#Kolkata: The turn of blaming has started as soon as the vote is over. Many blame ISF for the bad results of the united front. CPM leaders are also walking in the same line. However, CPM state secretary Suryakanta Mishra pointed out the tendency of pointing fingers at ISF in the state committee meeting. His statement is not against the alliance party line with ISF. Suryakanta Mishra says those who are questioning ISF wanted Abbas Siddiqui as their speaker during the vote.

The first meeting of the CPM on the disaster was held on May 29. There, a large section of the party expressed outrage over the alliance with the ISF. The decision was taken without review, the state committee said at the meeting. Many party leaders said they felt the alliance with the ISF was not accepted by the general public. The secular look of the party is in question.

The issue was raised again at a two-day CPM state committee meeting. The meeting was attended by 52 state committee members. Many expressed written statements. As usual, questions arose about ISF. But be it Sitaram Yechury or Suryakanta Mishra. No one is willing to impose responsibility on ISF.

Although the CPM Congress has lost its seat in the by-polls, ISF leader Nowshad Siddiqui has won one seat. The CPM is respecting the issue. Suryakanta Mishra has repeatedly said that he is not in favor of breaking the alliance in any way. Suryakanta-Sitaramara is not willing to accept that ISF is a religious force.

So is there a way to fight tomorrow? Suryakanta Mishra said that a long-term movement should be formed to solve the problems of the people and the intensity of the class movement should be increased. The problems of the people of the indigenous Scheduled Castes need to be increased by their side. The social question cannot be separated from the question of class movement.

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