Barla To Meet Governor: Barla To Meet Governor On Wednesday! Before that, two more MLAs …

# Shiliguri: John Barla has demanded that North Bengal be made a separate state or Union Territory, this time with another BJP MLA from the North. This time, Alipurduar MP Barla’s demand was supported by hanging BJP MLA Durga Murmu. “North Bengal has been deprived for a long time. There has been no development. I also support Barla. There needs to be a separate North Bengal state,” he said. That is what Durga Murmu told News18Bangla.

Similarly, Shikha Chatterjee, MLA of Dabgram-Phulbari Center also has support. He said, “North Bengal has not seen any development since the Left era. There has been no development even during the 10 years of Trinamool rule. Let North Bengal be made a Union Territory. Then there will be development. Besides, the demands of the people of the north will also be met. “

Barler's support is growing Barler’s support is growing

On the other hand, Siliguri MLA Shankar Ghosh has no direct support from Barla. “North Bengal is deprived. But I am on the side of the party’s decision on a separate state or union territory. I have informed a party like mine. Now whatever the party decides is final,” he said. Said Shankar Ghosh, BJP MLA from Siliguri. However, Bishnu Prasad Sharma, another MLA from the North, supported Barla. He said, “We have joined the BJP looking at two things. First, the BJP’s manifesto for the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections was to recognize the 11 hill tribes as Scheduled Tribes and second, it would solve the permanent political problem in the hills.” “And the chief minister says it can’t happen. But everything can happen in the constitution. Everything has a place in the constitution.”

This was stated by BJP MLA Vishnu Prasad Sharma in Siliguri on Tuesday. On the same night, several BJP MLAs from the north left for Kolkata. They will join the party meeting on Wednesday. This demand will arise in that meeting. However, John Barla will not be present at the party meeting on Wednesday. He is approaching the Governor (Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar) on this issue today. The governor is in the palace of Darjeeling. Barla will meet Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar there on Wednesday.

On the other hand, another MP Nishith Pramanik said in Darjeeling after meeting the Governor, “What John Barla has said is his personal passion. But North Bengal is deprived. North Gorkhas, tribals are oppressed. It is North Bengal’s passion. “Someone treats their child like a stepmother. If the child makes another decision, there is nothing to say. We are not saying anything out of administrative responsibility. But we support the sentiments of the people of North Bengal.”

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