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#NewDelhi: There was a demand for a separate state or union territory with North Bengal State BJP leaders were sure that the issue would pay a political dividend to the BJP, whether the demand was implemented or not. At first, Alipurduar MP John Barla was vocal in his demand, but one by one, several MLAs and leaders of the party in North Bengal were echoing his sentiments. This demand was also avoided by the MPs and MLAs as it was their personal opinion

But suddenly, by demanding a separate Radhabanga or Jangalmahal, Bishnupur MP Soumitra Khan practically watered down the BJP’s North Bengal strategy. In the last two days, he has repeatedly voiced this demand in the media Even though the state leadership did not share this view, Soumitra did not take it seriously and demanded a separate union territory on this day. The BJP is in great uneasiness The party is so angry with the Bishnupur MP that he has been summoned by the party’s all-India president JP Nadda.

According to sources, the BJP state leadership was under a lot of pressure as two MPs from the party were vocal on sensitive issues like state division. Because the BJP is conspiring to divide Bengal, the Trinamool has spoken out The party’s state leadership then sent a clear message to John Barla and Soumitra Khan that no public statement could be made on a sensitive issue like the division of the state. For the time being, the state leaders of the party tried to calm down the issue by putting a rein on the faces of the two MPs But Soumitra did not follow that advice After the party’s warning, at first he made his statement a personal one, but again he became vocal in his demand for a Union Territory for Radhbanga. And the top leadership of the party is extremely dissatisfied with this After that JP Nadda summoned the Bishnupur MP On this day at 8.15 pm Soumitra was called and sent 6 MPs of Bishnupur rushed to the spot after receiving the summons

But before leaving for the meeting, Soumitra claimed to News Eighteen Bangla that he was the president of the BJP’s state youth front. He has to perform various responsibilities of the team That is probably why he has been called for discussion However, according to BJP sources, the party is disgusted with one controversial remark after another of Bishnupur MPs. That is why the All India President of the party has summoned him.

According to state BJP insiders, the party was a little uneasy with the demands of John Barla or various MLAs on North Bengal, but there was another tactic behind it. Because at the moment it is very important for the BJP to hold its own in North Bengal And if it gets worse, it will pay dividends to the BJP politically if it can claim a separate entity for North Bengal by alleging deprivation. Because there have been such demands in different parts of North Bengal for a long time Even if the MPs and MLAs are suppressed by imposing the party’s views, the opposite can happen. As a result, Team 7 was advancing with North Bengal with a specific strategy But suddenly Soumitra Khan became so vocal in his demand for a separate Radhbanga that the demand for deprivation or separate entity in North Bengal practically went to the back row. On the contrary, the Trinamool Congress got the weapon to attack the BJP That is why John Barla was vocal in his demand for a separate North Bengal for the first time, but the BJP’s top leadership is angry with Soumitra.

Additional Input- Arup Dutta

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