Breaking the BJP, the Trinamool is saying- it has been predicted today, stay tuned for the next day

#Kolkata: When the BJP camp was hesitant about the division of North Bengal, the Trinamool Congress broke up in the Padma camp. Jora Phul Shibir was demolished in Alipurduar district. BJP president of Alipurduar Ganga Prasad Sharma left Padma Shibir and joined Joraful Shibir. Trinamool body language says, “Yeah, it’s just a jerk.” Mukul Roy explains that he sees the fall of the BJP in the same way that the rise of the BJP once began with the disintegration of the grassroots in the north.

Before the state assembly vote, there was a rush to leave the grass and flowers. Many, including several heavyweight leaders and activists, left the grassroots and joined the BJP camp. As soon as the result of the vote came out, the picture was reversed. Several leaders and activists are leaving the BJP camp and gradually enrolling in the Trinamool camp. Ganga Prasad Sharma has been associated with the RSS for a long time. Before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP made him the district president. He led the BJP to victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

In the 2021 assembly polls, BJP won 7 seats in Alipurduar district All the seats in the district are held by BJP. Even after that, the top leaders of the BJP were reluctant to give importance to enrolling in the political camp opposite to the district president. A top leader of the party said, “Ganga Prasad has not become a bigger leader than Bimal Gurung. Bimal Gurung could not snatch victory even if he campaigned from the hills to the plains. Even if Ganga Prasad Babu leaves, there will be no effect. Many other big leaders will come. . “

The same tune was sung by Alipurduar MP John Barler. “Picking up a bucket of water from the sea has no effect,” he said. However, the grassroots camp is happy to join the party of the BJP’s organizational leader. In particular, the Alipurduar MP himself has been adamant in his demand for secession of North Bengal. In this case, Ganga Prasad Sharma will be used to oppose the BJP on this issue in the district in the coming days. However, Ganga Prasad Sharma said, I could have left the team earlier. Then I would be called a traitor. At the same time, joining the grassroots, Ganga Prasad said, “Manoj Tiggar should have been the Leader of the Opposition, not Shuvendu Adhikari.”

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