Center wants Coal scam prime suspect Vinay Mishra Back in India what conditions he is asking for lawyer tells the court | Center desperate to bring him back to the gang trafficking case! A set of conditions to return to the country Binoy Mishra …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Vinay Mishra ready to return to the country conditionally. He has already set a number of conditions with the center. His first condition is that the CBI and the ED should promise the court that Binoy will not be arrested if he returns to the country. The second condition is that the necessary assistance will be provided regarding the visa. Vinay Mishra is ready to return to the country if these two conditions are met. His lawyer said so in court.

Vinay Mishra’s lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi told the Kolkata High Court on Tuesday. It is clear from the question of Additional Solicitor General YJ Dastur how keen the Center is to get Binoy back. Contrary to Binoy’s lawyer’s position, the ASG told the High Court that he had spoken to the Director of Enforcement and that the ED would promise in writing that there would be no drastic action if Binoy returned to the country. The ASG told the court on Monday that it would not take any drastic action against Binoy Mishra if he returned to the country by July 12, 2021 and faced a CBI probe into the coal and cattle smuggling case. Not an arrest. Not even enforcing the Red Corner notice.

Justice Tirthankar Ghosh wants the ASG to know the position of counter-humility of such a proposal. As the position became clear on both sides, there was a possibility of Binoy Mishra returning to the country. According to CBI sources, Binoy is now in hiding in the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. The CBI further claimed that he has more than two passports and more than two voter ID cards. The CBI also claimed that there were two permanent addresses.

In this situation, the CBI aims to bring Binoy within reach, so the Center agreed to Binoy’s terms on Tuesday. On the other hand, during the hearing of the case, Justice Tirthankar Ghosh raised a bunch of questions. His question is, how far can the CBI go without the permission of the Central Vigilance Commission? In some cases, the CBI will seek the permission of the Central Vigilance Commission, and in some cases it will not, what happens? Can the CBI take this decision at its own discretion? The next hearing of the cattle smuggling and coal smuggling case is on Wednesday.

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