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Kolkata: How effective is the Sputnik V vaccine made in India compared to the Sputnik V vaccine made in Russia? His comparative test is now in Calcutta. The trial is set to begin on Wednesday at Peerless Hospital.

The country fears a third wave of corona. Mass vaccination of 18-year-olds has started from Monday. After the Kovacin-Kovishield, the Sputnik V vaccine made in Russia has also started to be used in the country. Russia is also making this vaccine in India. But how effective is that vaccine. This time there will be a comparative test of foreign vs. domestic vaccine From June 23, a comparative test will be conducted at this private hospital on the edge of the bypass so that 30 volunteers will take part on the first day.

Indigenous Sputnik-V test

Sputnik V, made in Hyderabad, will be tested in the city this time Completely healthy and corona negative will be vaccinated It will be tested whether the local Sputnik V is as effective as the Russian vaccine It will be tested on 26 people in about 10 centers in the country

About 6 million people were vaccinated in a single day in the country on Monday. Which is of course the record. Experts say vaccine production needs to increase if all people are to be vaccinated quickly. To that end, doctors are looking at the effectiveness and success of home-made vaccines.

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