Dilip Ghosh claims that BJP is not in favor of dividing Bengal BJP does not share Bengal, claims Dilip! News18 Bangla

BJP is not in favor of partition of Bengal BJP state president Dilip Ghosh demanded the same on this day But while the party’s state president is saying this, another BJP MLA has voiced his demand for a separate North Bengal. Dabgram: Phulbari BJP MLA Shikha Chatterjee has made the same demand on the same day, arguing for underdevelopment. He claimed that the people of North Bengal were demanding a separate state out of compulsion

John Barla, a BJP MP from Alipurduar, has been demanding a separate state of North Bengal or Union Territory for several days. Soumitra Khan, a BJP MP from Bishnupur, has demanded a separate state of Jangalmangal or Radhbanga in tune with John Barla. Kochbihar BJP MP Nishith Pramanik also supported John Barla’s statement on the day.

The party MPs have raised the issue of partition of Bengal, which has created a fog on the issue Because BJP leaders say that the demand for division of the state is the personal opinion of the party MPs But the question arises as to why the party is not preventing its MPs from making such statements

When asked about this on this day, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said, “No one has demanded the partition of Bengal. But since independence, North Bengal and Jangalmahal have been deprived That is why the people of the area are voting for the opposition for freedom and liberation Let the state government work for the development of the people there, give them back their rights It is clear that the people do not trust the government.

Despite the BJP state president saying this, Shikha Chatterjee, a BJP MLA from Dabgram Phulbari, has been vocal in his demand for a separate North Bengal. He complained, ‘The people of North Bengal are deprived No development has taken place in the region even under the grassroots rule like the CPM government There is no good hospital here Uttarkanya has been made to fool people I am talking about a separate North Bengal for the overall development of the people here The people here are forced to make this demand. “

A case has been filed against Bishnupur BJP MP Soumitra Khan in Alipurduar on behalf of the Trinamool Congress. Soumitra, however, is adamant in his demand On this day too, he said, any citizen can raise the demand for a separate state The constitution has given that right Radhbangla, Jangalmahal deprived 6 We will make a bigger movement with this We will not accept what is being done to us. ” One after another BJP MP, MLA, the Trinamool has also retaliated by attacking the state. Party spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said, “Unless the BJP leaders directly refute the statements of the party MLAs and MPs, the secret objective of the BJP will be to divide Bengal.” But no matter how hard the BJP tries, Sagar Bangla from the hills is and will remain intact.

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