Dilip Ghosh: ‘Mukule Rahumukti’! The BJP does not support the demand for partition, said Dilip Ghosh

#Birbhum: “He left and our team was released.” BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said. He made it clear that the BJP has been released after Mukul Roy returned to the grassroots. Dilip Ghosh made the remarks after a party meeting in Birbhum on Monday. “The BJP does not support the demand for partition of West Bengal,” he said. When Dilip Ghosh was asked about Mukul Roy’s resignation at the party office in Surrey on the same day, he said,

Regarding the demand for separate states by John Barla and Soumitra Khan, he said, “We see West Bengal as one state. State division does not support BJP (Bengal BJP). The BJP wants development and progress of the whole of West Bengal together. But anarchy is going on in the state. That is why such demands are being raised in different parts of the country.

Incidentally, over the last few days, there have been demands for a separate state from different parts of the state. Alipurduar MP John Barla has demanded a separate North Bengal state. On Monday, Bishnupur MP Soumitra Khan demanded a separate Radhabanga state. However, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh has maintained a political distance with the remarks of party MPs. Dilip dismissed the matter as their personal opinion.

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