Doctors at the medical college are desperate to save the child, not the last surviving mother

#Kolkata: Numerous people are infected with the coronavirus. Many people are dying every day. And a happy feeling was born in him on Monday. The good news came from Calcutta Medical College Hospital. Rakhi Mandal Biswas, 33, a resident of Bangaon in North 24 Parganas, was admitted to Calcutta Medical College Hospital on June 12 with coronary heart disease. At that time I was 33 weeks pregnant. Although his physical condition was extremely critical. Rakhi Devi has a child. At first, the doctors at the medical college did not want to take the risk of childbirth because of the low oxygen level in her blood. Although the physical condition was a little stable, a five-member medical board was formed. Suddenly on Sunday Rakhi Devi’s physical condition deteriorated further. He has to be given ventilation. The level of oxygen in his blood fluctuates between 60 and 72. At that time, the medical board decided to perform the surgery on Monday morning on the special instructions of the health department.

The surgery was not possible in the operating theater of the obstetrics department of the medical college. Rakhi Devi was operated on by constructing a temporary operation theater in the super specialty building. At twelve-five in the afternoon, the doctors did the impossible. Rakhi Devi on ventilator gave birth to a baby girl. Tears came to the eyes of the doctors in the operating theater. Although premature or premature birth, this girl child also has to be given a ventilator. After giving birth to a child, at first the physical condition was somewhat stable, but since Monday afternoon, Rakhi Devi’s condition has been deteriorating. At first, the level of oxygen in his blood reached 64, but the level of oxygen in his blood began to decrease rapidly. Doctors were forced to put Rakhi Devi on ventilation again. Rakhi Devi died of a heart attack at around 11.45 pm.

Pooja Banerjee Bhowmik, one of the doctors on the medical team who did the impossible, said, “This operation was a challenge for us. But we were determined to make it all work out. There were tears in our eyes when we took the baby out of the womb. Keeping the mother and baby alive was a big challenge for us. But Rakhi Devi’s physical condition was bad from the beginning. His lung condition was extremely bad. As a result, despite all efforts, we could not save him. It is very difficult. However, doctors are making every effort to keep the newborn girl alive. The biggest challenge for physicians now is to keep this baby girl, who was born far less than normal at SNC U, alive.

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