Finally, the violinist ‘Bhagwaner’ saw Raj Chakraborty with a roof over his head

#Kolkata: Bhagwan Mali plays the violin while sitting on the pavement to provide food for his young granddaughter. There is no roof over the head. But the magic of the melody keeps everyone forgotten. You can’t talk about your own helplessness and pain Raj Chakraborty, MLA of Barrackpore, stood by this exceptional artist.

A few days ago, a video of a violinist went viral in the city of Kolkata. Distracted, the gentleman is picking up one tune after another. But who he is, the whole city begins to search. According to the news, the person’s name is Bhagwan Mali. Bhagwan Babu came to Calcutta from Malda after receiving the news that he had a granddaughter The wife came to her daughter in Calcutta and got stuck due to restrictions. The only shelter for the daughter-in-law. 7 son-in-law stopped earning due to lockdown The dilapidated condition of the little granddaughter and daughter-in-law made Bhagwan Babu think.

So he took to the streets with the violin. This video of Bhagwan Babu playing the violin is viral on Facebook-Twitter. Raj Chakraborty expressed his desire to meet Bhagwan Babu as soon as he noticed this.

After that he moved to Girish Park. Not only did he stop talking, MLA Raj Chakraborty met local MLA and Minister Shashi Panja and talked so that Bhagwan Babu’s family would have a place to live.

Raj said, “It is the duty of all of us to stand by a man in danger. He plays such a sweet violin. He is such a good man.” After Raj Chakraborty spoke, arrangements were made for the shelter of Lord Babu. Arrangements are being made to stay in a house in that area. Bhagwan Babu’s family is happy to see people like Raj Chakraborty.

Raw hair on his head, white beard on his face. Less listening to the ears. Bhagwan Babu is engrossed in playing the violin rather than just facing his granddaughter. He played the violin around a large part of North Kolkata or on the sidewalk. At the end of the day, he buys some food with what he earns and returns home. His family is happy, Raj Chakraborty has come and met them, they have a place to hang their heads. Lord Mali of Malda did not disappoint the king. Said, whatever tune you give me, I will play.

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