Naushad Siddiqui | Morcha’s only winning representative, Naushad still has no place in any assembly committee

#Kolkata: Nowshad Siddiqui, the only MLA representative of the Indian Secular Front or United Front, has not yet found a place in the Legislative Committee of the Legislative Assembly. Nowshad stood for the first time and won from Bhangar in South 24 Parganas. This representative of the Left-Cong Hein Morcha in the assembly is the sapphire of the Morcha. According to sources, even though others have got seats in various committees, Nowshad has not got a place in 41 committees yet. Naturally the question arises why this inequality!

Not getting a seat in any committee in the assembly is not the only discrimination in the question of rights. At the same time, it is also a financial loss for Nowshad. At the moment, MLAs get a salary of Rs 21,060 in today’s market, which is considered to be a very ordinary salary. But the main source of their income is committee meetings. Most legislators become members of multiple committees. If they participate in the meeting, they get 2000 rupees as allowance. In this way the average income is 60 thousand rupees. In other words, a MLA can earn 81,060 rupees in a straightforward way. In the case of Nowshad, not having a place in any committee will make him financially behind other MLAs, the information says.

Nowshad says, being on the committee is my right. Now neither the government nor the opposition has contacted me about this. The arrogant ISF leader does not want to indulge anyone in this.

Note that there are a total of 41 committees in the assembly. Of these, 26 are standing committees. 15 Assembly Committees. Out of these 15 committees, PSE, Estimate, Privilege and Public Accounts – the members of these four committees are selected through election. But unfortunately Nowshad’s name was not considered in any committee.

According to the political circles, this incident is against the spirit of the assembly. This is undermining the constitutional structure. There is also a political explanation for the mother-in-law’s behavior with Nowshad. Many believe that the ISF fought the vote to unite the Muslim votebank. The BJP, on the other hand, fought openly in the state in the face of polarization. Although the numbers of the two camps have more or less flopped. Now the opposition party of the Trinamool government is BJP as well as Nowshad is the sole representative of the opposition ISF. But the positions of the two sides are at two different poles. This is the reason why the opposition is not showing any interest in Nowshad like many in the informed quarters. Nowshad said that if he does not get a place in any committee in future, he will open his mouth publicly. Of course, whether he opens his mouth or not, it can be said that the matter will undermine the structure of the traditional assembly.

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