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#Kolkata: “The BJP people are also having trouble with the Sindur branch nowadays.” Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan’s demand for dismissal of Lok Sabha membership was thus pierced by Trinamool’s Saugata Roy. Another MP Sukhendu Sekhar Roy has also become vocal. In his words, “The situation of BJP has become like that of Meher Ali. On the one hand it is saying go away.

BJP MP Sanghamitra Mourya has filed a petition seeking dismissal of Nusrat MP for giving misleading information about the marriage. In a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Sanghamitra said the ethics committee should take a decision on the issue. According to Sanghamitra, what Nusrat Jahan has done is in a word immoral and illegal. For this reason, his MP post needs to be dismissed. In his allegation, Maurya is interpreting Nusrat’s MP post as non-asset. Non-asset This legal term refers to any action that violates the contract. On June 19, Sanghamitra Maurya wrote a letter to the Speaker. Along with the letter, she also included a copy of Nusrat’s oath, which clearly states that her husband’s name is Nikhil Jain.

However, the Trinamool Shibir did not stop after Maurya’s allegation. On behalf of the party, Saugat Roy said, “The Speaker is the Supreme Court. It is up to the Speaker to decide. But it remains to be seen when the Speaker of the Lok Sabha will decide.” He added, “It is very unfortunate that the Parliament is now discussing conch and vermilion.”

In a letter to Sanghamitra Maurya seeking cancellation of Nusrat Jahan’s membership, he wrote in the letter that what Nusrat had said in the media about his marital relationship was the exact opposite of the information he had given while taking oath in the Lok Sabha. In this case, his membership is revocable in the eyes of the law. Sanghamitra recalled that Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Zain introduced himself when Nusrat Jahan was sworn in on June 25, 2019. She appeared in Parliament as a bride. Sanghamitra even reminded him that he was attacked by a group of fundamentalists for wearing vermilion at that time. According to him, MPs of all parties were on Nusrat’s side at that time. This is not the end, Sanghamitra recalls, Mamata Banerjee herself went to Nusrat’s wedding. He later told ANI that no one should be bothered about his personal life. But what he has said in the media recently means that he has lied in Parliament. Now speaking illegally or lying in the Lok Sabha actually creates misconceptions in the minds of the people about the Parliament and its representatives. That is why Sanghamitra says this is his step.

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