Reliance offline, bus-train running high primary interview process!


Offline will be the process of interviewing the upper primary of the School Service Commission. In other words, job seekers have to give an interview in person. Sources said that such instructions have been given to the School Service Commission on behalf of the State School Education Department. In that case, after the ban is lifted, the SSC will start the interview process only when the bus and train services are practically normal. That is the news according to the School Service Commission. The SSC had originally planned to conduct online interviews before publishing the interview list. But in the current infrastructure, the officials of the department think that it is not possible. That is why if the situation is normal, the interview will be taken offline. Like last time, this year too, the interview process is planned to be held at the Central Office of the School Service Commission.

On Monday, the School Service Commission released the interview list for 14,339 vacancies in the upper primary. On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the recruitment of 14,000 teachers at the upper primary level. According to some sources, the Chief Minister wanted to explain the process of recruitment to the upper primary. The interview list of 15,000 job candidates has been released on Monday. News. That is why 15,000 candidates have been called for interviews, according to commission sources.

On the other hand, as per the order of the High Court, the commission has to complete the recruitment process for the upper primary by July 31. Although that is not possible in the current Corona situation. That is what the SSC is demanding. In that case, the commission can apply to the High Court to extend the time limit. On the other hand, SSC is also fearing that a case will be filed in the High Court again soon after the interview list was released on Monday. The commission has started making all preparations in that case.

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