Strand Road Skeleton: Skeleton on the roof of a long-abandoned house on Strand Road, police investigating the mystery

Kolkata: In the incident of rescuing a human skeleton from the roof of an abandoned house, there was a commotion in the port area The incident took place at Strand Road on Tuesday afternoon Police have started investigation into the mystery

According to police sources, the mechanics were working in an abandoned house on this highway At that time they saw bones lying on the roof of the house Police first came to the spot from Uttar Bandar police station After that the detectives also visited from Lalbazar It is known that the bones are part of the skeleton However, the bones of men and women or how old the skeleton, it is not yet known

The British-era house on Strand Road has long been used as a port trust However, it has been abandoned for many days after that Recently, work is underway to build a warehouse in the house At that time the bones lying on the roof fell in the eyes of the mechanics The police are trying to find out how the bones of the people came to the uninhabited house for a long time

Allegations of misconduct on Strand Road adjacent to the port have been going on for a long time It is being investigated whether the local miscreants are involved in this skeleton Killed in an abandoned house? Or has the body been brought from outside and thrown away? All possible questions are being explored in the mysterious skeleton

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