Third Covid Wave: Can the third wave of corona hit Durga Pujo? What do the experts say?

#NewDelhi: The country is slowly coping with the impact of the Second Covid Wave. But there is no exception. The third covid wave of the corona shows the lightning signal. It was initially thought that the Third Covid Wave would hit by the end of the year. But that estimate has so far been rejected by the World Health Organization (WHO) and AIIMS in Delhi. The recent trend is that the third wave may hit our country this October. And the biggest fear is that children will be the main victims of this third wave.

Experts from AIIMS and WHO claim that children are more likely to be affected by the first two waves than the third. From March 15 to June 10, 4,509 blood samples were collected and antibodies were tested. Of these, 600 are between the ages of 2 and 18, 3609 are 18 and older. Blood samples were collected from Delhi, Faridabad, Agartala and Gorakhpur. Covid 19 antibodies were found in the bodies of 55.6 percent of children and minors and 63.5 percent of adults. From this, experts estimate that children are more likely to be affected by the third wave. However, there is no need to worry about the future. Says AIIMS experts. It would be unfair to spread rumors and panic now about what their advice will be.

Concerns about child safety Concerns about child safety

In the case of the Third Covid Wave, it is expected that the people of the village will be more comfortable than the city. Coronavirus has spread for the third time in urban areas. But the children of the village have to be careful. Because in the villages of our country, the health awareness of children is much less than that of adults. Compared to the city children are much more cared for.

Although the third wave is less powerful than the second wave, the third wave (Third Covid Wave) may hit the country in October. It will hit not only India but almost the whole world at the same time. And his resh may be one more year. Although the intensity will be much lower. The country is trying to vaccinate at a faster rate. This is said to reduce the severity of the infection. Experts have indicated. Immunization of children in the country has not started yet.

Meanwhile, when the news of the start of the Third Covid Wave spread in October, the Bengalis started thinking again. The joy of Durgapuja will be the soil on which the financial loss will be centered on Pujo at a huge rate. Small and medium traders could not do business at all during Pujo last year. Maybe this year it is going to be repeated. That is the concern now.

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